What Set Us Apart

Our competitive strengths are as follows:

Comprehensive solutions for integration of voice, data, video, fibre optics, wireless and cellular network infrastructure

We provide “integrated one-stop shop” solutions for our customers’ IT and telecommunications infrastructure needs. We are able to provide a full range of data, video, fibre optics, wireless and cellular network infrastructure as well as voice communication systems so as to cater to specific needs of our customers. We are also able to provide total end-to-end business solutions for network infrastructure and voice communication systems to customers who have numerous local and overseas offices.

In addition, we have the ability to set up an integrated platform which allows the users to transport voice, data and video over the same network. For example, we have set up full turn-key system integration and commissioning of IP-PABX, hybrid cloud, access multiplexer, SDH, carrier Ethernet, and fibre optics equipment like DWDM and etc.

Strong technical expertise and ability to conceptualise comprehensive solutions

Our project engineers are skilled and qualified to provide our customers with network infrastructure and voice communication solutions from inception, project consultation, design, installation to implementation. This enables us to respond quickly to our customers’ requirements and to provide customized and timely solutions. We have the capabilities to design, develop and implement large-scale network infrastructure. Our engineers have between 10 to 25 years of experience in the IT and telecommunications industry. Our engineers have also been trained and qualified to provide the different network infrastructure solutions by the respective suppliers. We believe that our strong engineering team allows us to provide value-added services to our customers with their strong technical expertise and their ability to conceptualise comprehensive solutions.

Experiences management and sales team

Our management team comprises of a group of individuals who have a proven track record of between 15 to 30 years of experience in the IT and telecommunications industry. With their in-depth knowledge of trends and requirements of the IT and telecommunications industry, they are able to identify market riches, develop business strategies for our Group and spearhead our overseas expansion. In addition, we have a highly motivated and competent sales and marketing team who are dedicated to provide pre-sales and after-sales support to our customers and are instrumental to expanding our customer base.

Good track record

Although the IT and telecommunications industry is highly competitive, we have carved a niche as an integration specialist for network infrastructure and voice communication systems. Our major projects include provision of network infrastructure and/or voice communication systems for some of our major service providers in ASEAN.

Good relationships with our customers and suppliers

Our major customers and suppliers have transacted with us since we commenced business.

Our good business relationships with our customers have provided us with recurring contracts. We believe that this is one of the main reasons we have been successful in securing projects throughout the countries where we operate.

We maintain good business relationships with our core suppliers. Since commencement of our business operations, we have secured diverse distributorship agreements with our suppliers which allow us to meet a variety of customer needs. Our suppliers are also a source of business leads for our Group.

Network of regional offices

We have established our presence overseas through the setting up of subsidiaries and representative offices. With this overseas presence, we are able to tap into the demand of our products and services in the respective local markets and have also acquired valuable experience and market knowledge. Each of our offices is managed by local executives who possess the relevant experience in our line of business. We provide our regional customers with round-the-clock technical support.