Our Products

In today’s challenging times, your business requires a proven system integrator with an extraordinary vision and unparalleled execution.

Ntegrator has in place, flexible and user-configurable systems for exact customization of all our customers’ requirements. Our customers comprised leading telcos, governments and MNCs while our principal suppliers are industry leaders for their respective software and equipment. No matter what your business needs are, our team will walk you through all stages of network operations from planning, implementation to training.

Network Infrastructure

We integrate network infrastructures and these enable our customers to communicate electronically within an organization or with another organization, whether located within the same country or globally.

In Network Infrastructure, we offer :

Fibre Optics Network Infrastructure Solutions

Fibre Optics Networks are mediums of transmission for communications systems. Our solutions offer customers a multi-service platform which is optimized in MAN and WAN as our solutions are able to meet all our customers’ bandwidth requirements. We do so by increasing the capacity of the fibre optics network by utilizing the latest available technology.

Multi-Service Access Solutions for Network Infrastructure

Our solutions consist of specialized multi-service access equipment which support a variety of LAN, MAN and Wan at our customers’ premises.

Our solutions enable network providers to bundle multiple services such as analog and digital voice communication, fax, high and low speed data, IP and ISDN transmitted over copper, fibre optics or DSL.

Solutions for ISPs and Internet Applications

We build end-to-end IP network infrastructure comprising DSL equipment, subscriber management systems for ISPs which provide such customers with the web-based tools they require for account management, billing, access control and network equipment.

Computer Security Solutions for IP networks

We provide computer security solutions for small offices, home offices, small businesses and carrier applications.

These solutions deliver comprehensive network protection with network-based anti-virus, content filtering, firewall, VPN as well as intrusion-detection and prevention functionality.

VOIP Solutions

Our solutions provide deployment flexibility to network providers by combining media gateway platforms with robust management systems.

These solutions address a wide range of network provider applications such as tandem switching, IP trunking, IP centrex, VPN, pre/post paid calling card platforms and unified messaging systems (receipt of a facsimile message in an electronic mail).

Wireless LAN Deployment for campuses and public facilities

Our wireless LAN solutions enable service providers to provide real-time access to the Internet in particular localities.

These solutions will enable users of personal computers, laptops and personal digital assistants to access the Internet conveniently, wirelessly and with mobility.

WCDMA & 4G LTE Networks Solutions

Our solutions provide network operators with a single resource integration for WCDMA or 4G LTE network infrastructure which includes the provision of the following services:

  • analyzing of topographic data, performance of drive tests and preparation of nominal plan
  • planning and allocation of frequencies
  • issuing of a fibre optics network layout plan
  • selecting sites for use as base station, hubs and switching centers
  • coverage simulation with the use of advanced planning tools

Enterprise Network

Corporations today are mobile and distributed. Unified Communications (UC) connects them all in a single application for faster decision-making and quality interactions.
Understanding the move to UC is a journey in which every customer and user makes at their own pace, we have focused on changing how businesses can deploy and consume communications technology in a flexible way. We offer customers the choice of on-premises, full cloud or hybrid cloud model in which our unified communications and collaboration solutions deliver the features and services seamlessly, regardless of your existing communications infrastructure.
Do contact our consultants regarding the advantages and cost savings that can result from adopting the latest UC technologies.


A PBX or Private Branch Exchange phone system is one of the leading types of phone systems used in business. PBX phone systems are large installations, able to handle many extensions. PBX systems are programmable and highly customizable, able to meet the needs of different businesses.

A business with more than forty employees, or that is quickly expanding, generally needs a PBX phone system instead of one of the smaller installations such as a Key or KSU-less system. Advance application can work with PBX to improve productivity within and organization from Unified message, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to call centers.

Call Centre Solution

We provide full turnkey solutions for our customers’ CRM requirements in Call Centre. This allows our customers to provide high quality and speedy service to their customers.

Voice Conferencing System

Video conferencing provides voice and visual communication. As companies go global, video conferencing is becoming more important for Net meetings, trainings and conferencing calls. Visual connection adds a dimension to communication. Besides motion videos, other visual entities such as diagrams, power points and pictures helps shorten and clarify these meetings.

The best of these technologies are partners to Ntegrator.

Voice Messaging / Recording / Logging System

Companies found, with expansion, that more than just the normal phone call is needed to help in its operations. We provide solutions for our customers to provide Voice Messaging / Recording / Logging in their Voice Communication Systems.

Messaging is a proven way to help companies ensure that customers will be able to connect to their staff when they are engaged or unavailable.

Recording and logging are frequently used in areas where phone calls becomes important evidence in the event of any disputes. These services typically concerns the legal, finance or medical corporations.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications solutions will help organizations to collaborate better with richer and a more connected business conversations by phone, smartphone, video, IM, email and etc.

Unified communications can also be overlay services on an existing communications infrastructure for any number of employees. We are able to provide you with the choice of on-premises, full cloud or hybrid cloud model depending on your needs.

Cloud Communications

Cloud-based communications models are a transformational opportunity to reduce the time your IT teams spend building and managing infrastructures. Instead of burdening your IT manager, running software from the cloud empowers your staff to manage users, permissions and costs themselves.

Cloud-based communications models ensure you’re always running the latest software, eliminating maintenance overheads. And, with the time and money you save, you can concentrate on productivity and improve your bottom line.