Business Overview

As a leading global communications network specialist and e-business systems integrator, Ntegrator is committed to offering world-class, high-tech network infrastructure and voice communication services.

Established in 2002, the Group is distinguished by its ability to provide flexible, user-configurable systems as well as deliver total one-to-one infrastructural business solutions for enterprises.  Its services include the full spectrum of design, installation and implementation of data, video, fibre optics, wireless and cellular network infrastructure, and also covers project management, maintenance and support.

Our Vision

To be a global, world-class provider of information technology and telecommunications solutions, offering high-tech network infrastructure and voice communication systems.

Professional Team

Our team of professionals with technical expertise and in-depth product knowledge makes us the ideal partner in meeting all your system integration needs. Whether it is managing data, voice and network infrastructure solutions and services, or developing applications for the smooth running of your business, our experienced team will provide you with tailored solutions to meet your needs.