Core Strategies

The Group is committed to focusing on its core businesses to retain resilient leadership in IT and network infrastructure fields. In view of the market operations in which it operates, long-term business strategies include:

Nurturing our relationship with strategic partners

Strong collaboration with recognised industry leaders in Telco, cellular service and other industries will allow us to enhance our visibility and form strategic business partnerships, to fuel steady growth in regional markets.

Leveraging our core competencies and proven track record

Our expertise in network infrastructure, fibre optics, voice communications  and maintenance services for corporate organisations makes us strategically placed to broaden market penetration and further expand the scope of our services.

Strengthening our competitiveness with cutting-edge innovation

To sustain our competitive advantage, we focus efforts on adopting innovative processes and staying nimble amidst a fast-paced business environment. We stay actively involved in the expansion of our product range, services and technological capabilities to realise larger scale of operations.

Maintaining focus on Southeast Asian and Indochina regions

Headquartered in Singapore, an international business hub, we are in a prime position to leverage our home market and pursue significant opportunities in the fast-growing emerging markets of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Expanding business strategically through Organic Growth or M&As

To accelerate growth outcomes, we will invest in building strategic investments or alliances, including joint ventures with suitable partners and/or acquisition of companies or assets in related fields.